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We have compiled a comprehensive central source of relevant, up-to-date information on the requirements of expanding into Saudi.

Our specialized team on the ground in Riyadh is here to navigate this complex and changeable process on your behalf, making your expansion into Saudi Arabia fast and hassle-free.

Expand your business

to Saudi Arabia 

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16 Steps setup process to start a business in Saudi Arabia

What is the market opportunity in KSA?

  • Vision 2030 is the driving force behind reorienting the national economy to a more diversified, private-sector led structure that is backed by the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund.

  • Saudi is the largest economy in the MENA region in terms of population and consumer spend.

  • Tadawul, (Saudi Arabia’s Stock Exchange) completed it’s full inclusion in the MSCI Emerging Market Index in 2019, opening up its financial markets to international investors and confirming the growing investor confidence in the Saudi market. Click here for more detailed and up-to-date information on why to invest in Saudi right now.

Deep dive into the setup process for companies expanding to Saudi Arabia.

Having set up over 100 companies to date, we'll be detailing all you need to know about the 16 steps required.

Total Population

33.4 million

Nominal GDP

782 Billion

Percentage of Youth (under 25) 

Approx. 50%

GDP per Capita


Population Growth (next 5 years)


FDI Inward Stock

230.8 Billion

Why choose AstroLabs?

End-to-end Setup & Licensing Expertise
Partnership with Government Agencies
Soft Landing in Riyadh Coworking Space
Business Support and More

Extensive experience with the end-to-end setup and licensing process. Successfully set up more than 100 companies to date

Solid network of government agencies that provide extended support such as our partnership with the Ministry of Investment (MISA)

A complete soft-landing package, offering a working space and physical address as well as the extended support, beyond setup, of the overall ecosystem.

A Riyadh-based operations team to fast-track your launch.  Induction to business in Saudi and our trusted partners for local support. Access our academy to recruit and up-skill your local team.

Companies we have supported

We have supported 100+ companies valued at over USD 5bn with their expansion into Saudi Arabia.

Download our comprehensive 16 steps KSA setup and licensing guide

Please submit your company email address, and we will send you our step-by-step guide to establishing your company in Saudi Arabia with 100% foreign ownership.


Get in touch with us for more information

One of our specialized team members will be in contact to assist you. 

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