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Setup in Saudi News:Announcements

Deep dive in key announcements from the Saudi market, key projects and government initiatives

FIFA World CupTourismConstruction

A Confluence of Goals: The Economic Ripples of Saudi Arabia’s 2034 World Cup

13 Dec 2023AstroLabs Team

Saudi is hosting the 2034 FIFA World Cup, and the news comes as no surprise – A Saudi World Cup is merely the pinnacle of a Saudi Vision 2030, a natural next chapter in Saudi’s milestones of growth and global integration.

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Riyadh Expo 2030ExpoTourism

Riyadh’s Bold Leap Captures The Expo Spotlight — A 2030 Blueprint, with 2040 Aspirations

12 Dec 2023AstroLabs Team

In under thirty days, Saudi Arabia has seized global attention with two groundbreaking announcements. Riyadh has triumphed over Rome and Busan, garnering a decisive 119 out of 165 members of the Paris-based Bureau International des Expositions (BIE), to host the ‘most connected’ Expo in history, a record since its inception in 1851. As 2023 draws to a close, the Kingdom isn’t just making headlines—it’s dominating them.

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