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Setup in Saudi News:Announcements

Deep dive in key announcements from the Saudi market, key projects and government initiatives

A Complete Guide to Iqama in Saudi Arabia

14 Jun 2024AstroLabs Team

Saudi Arabia is a prime destination for business expansion, offering a better quality of life for residents. Obtaining an Iqama, or residence permit, is key for businesses and individuals to integrate into the country's economic and social fabric. This guide covers various Iqama types, including the prestigious Saudi Premium Residency Program, and details the process and benefits of securing an Iqama, making Saudi Arabia an attractive haven for global talent and enterprises.

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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Office Spaces in Saudi Arabia

7 Jun 2024AstroLabs Team

Explore how to navigate the thriving office space market in Saudi Arabia with our in-depth guide. Learn about pricing, key business districts, and the best workspace options to support your company's growth in the Kingdom.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Foreign Company Registration and Commercial Licensing in Saudi Arabia

31 May 2024AstroLabs Team

Saudi Arabia's strategic location and business-friendly reforms attract high-growth companies. Securing a commercial license unlocks significant benefits and incentives, read more to find out how you can register and license your foreign company in Saudi.

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Saudi Vision 2030: Progress Made and Opportunities Ahead in Tourism, IT and Construction

29 May 2024AstroLabs Team

Saudi Arabia has made significant strides towards its economic diversification under Saudi Vision 2030. Sectors such as IT, Tourism and Construction are at the forefront of attracting investments into the Kingdom. Read more to find out how.

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Saudi Market Expansion Strategies: A Guide to Hiring, Relocation, Business Readiness in Saudi Arabia

23 May 2024AstroLabs Team

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in business expansion activity in the Kingdom. The main drivers behind these trends are the country’s favorable economic outlook and the government's policies designed to attract global investments.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Warehouse Rental in Saudi Arabia

3 May 2024AstroLabs Team

The ripple effect of the Kingdom’s sustained appeal to multinational enterprises and startups is seen across various facets of the business environment—particularly in the increasing demand for commercial real estate like warehouses.

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​​​​Giga Projects Strengthen the Kingdom’s Drive Towards Sustainability

26 Apr 2024AstroLabs Team

Saudi Arabia's giga projects are the cornerstone of the country's sustainable development, designed to accelerate the nation's targets for environmental protection, economic prosperity, and social progress.

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Inside Saudi’s RHQ tax incentives: Stimulating Economic Sustainability and Inclusive Growth

13 Mar 2024AstroLabs Team

Saudi Arabia's RHQ program appears to be operating in full-swing. Explore the latest RHQ tax benefits announcements and compliance requirements that are enhancing global integration, in alignment with Vision 2030.

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A Confluence of Goals: The Economic Ripples of Saudi Arabia’s 2034 World Cup

13 Dec 2023AstroLabs Team

Saudi is hosting the 2034 FIFA World Cup, and the news comes as no surprise – A Saudi World Cup is merely the pinnacle of a Saudi Vision 2030, a natural next chapter in Saudi’s milestones of growth and global integration.

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Riyadh’s Bold Leap Captures The Expo Spotlight — A 2030 Blueprint, with 2040 Aspirations

12 Dec 2023AstroLabs Team

In under thirty days, Saudi Arabia has seized global attention with two groundbreaking announcements. Riyadh has triumphed over Rome and Busan, garnering a decisive 119 out of 165 members of the Paris-based Bureau International des Expositions (BIE), to host the ‘most connected’ Expo in history, a record since its inception in 1851. As 2023 draws to a close, the Kingdom isn’t just making headlines—it’s dominating them.

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