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National Address in the KSAThe gateway to seamless operations in Saudi Arabia

A key step in getting started in Saudi Arabia obtaining a national address. The Kingdom has embarked on a groundbreaking initiative poised to revolutionize operational efficiency and service excellence within its borders: the introduction of the national address system.

This innovative endeavor lies at the heart of the Kingdom's visionary Vision 2030 plan, marking a pivotal step towards the digital transformation and modernization of Saudi Arabia's economy. By implementing the national address system, Saudi Arabia is committed to elevating its postal infrastructure to international standards, fostering streamlined processes and enhanced service delivery.

Mandated for all entities operating within the Kingdom, the national address system represents a cornerstone for businesses seeking to optimize their electronic transactions with key government bodies, including the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Labor, and Ministry of Commerce.

Moreover, the national address system unlocks a plethora of advantages for businesses in Saudi Arabia, particularly pertaining to delivery efficiency and coverage access. Through precise address information, businesses can ensure prompt and accurate deliveries, enhancing customer satisfaction and operational effectiveness.

What Is the National Address?

The National Address, developed by Saudi Post, is a uniform address format designed to standardize address information across the Kingdom. The format includes a detailed description of a residence location, including the short address, building number, street, secondary number, district, postal code, and city. The secondary number represents the accurate location coordinates, which is extremely beneficial when there are no street or district names.

The introduction of the “short address” system simplifies the traditional address format into an easily memorizable code, comprising 4 letters and 4 numbers, which is a significant leap forward in user convenience and operational efficiency. The first three letters of the short address represent the codes for the region, branch, and district, while the fourth letter is a unique code. The four numbers represent the building number.

Benefits of the National Address

The advantages of adhering to a national address system are multifold. The national address:

  • Covers every area of Saudi Arabia with an accuracy of 1 square meter.
  • Allows you to obtain 10 worldwide addresses through Alami.
  • Accelerates shipment delivery without the need for follow-up calls.
  • Assures the delivery of government documents and commercial and personal shipments to the door, without the need for in-person pick-up.

National address for Businesses

For businesses, the improvement in the precision and efficiency of logistics and delivery services can lead to notable cost reductions and improved customer experience. It enables seamless interactions with customers and suppliers, ensuring that goods and communications are delivered promptly and accurately. This is particularly beneficial for the e-commerce sector, where timely and reliable delivery is paramount to customer satisfaction and retention.

Since the system plays a big role in improving the accuracy of demographic data across the Kingdom, the national address is also invaluable for market research and planning. In addition, it helps with regulatory compliance and risk management by providing accurate data for legal and financial documentation. This reinforces businesses’ operational integrity.

Finally, the national address ensures compliance with international standards for addressing, which positions Saudi businesses as reliable partners in the global market. Having precise data for legal and financial documentation transcends mere convenience; it is an indispensable requirement for maintaining operational integrity within businesses. The national address system serves as a cornerstone in this pursuit, ensuring meticulous compliance with regulatory frameworks and effectively mitigating potential risks that may arise from inaccuracies or oversights.

Furthermore, in an era defined by unparalleled global connectivity, adherence to international addressing standards is paramount. Embracing the national address system not only aligns businesses with these standards but also positions them as trailblazers in exceeding them. Beyond mere reliability, this commitment signals to the global market the unwavering dedication of Saudi businesses to excellence and credibility. Therefore, within the dynamic and fiercely competitive landscape of today, the adoption of a national address transcends being merely important; it emerges as an imperative for sustained success and prominence.

National Address for Residents

For individuals, the national address improves the delivery of mail and packages directly to homes, reducing the need for pickups from postal offices. It also makes it easier for residents to receive government documents and personal shipments reliably and on time and eliminates the risk of routing mistakes. Everyone can get the national address free of charge, and it’s easy to obtain, remember, and share it.

Requirements for Registration

The registration of a national address is mandatory for all residents and businesses in the Kingdom. However, the process is streamlined and easily accessible.

The Saudi Post has made registration available through multiple channels, including its official website, customer service centers, and a dedicated mobile application.

Individuals and businesses can register by providing personal identification details and information regarding their commercial registration, respectively.

National Address Components:

To register a national address – Saudi ID, phone number, company registration, and Articles of Association are some of the most important components required to register the address, along with the following:

  • Short address: Consists of 4 letters representing your Unique Code, Region Code, Branch Code, and Division Code and 4 numbers representing your Building Number
  • Building number: 4 distinctive numbers representing a building
  • Street: Represents the location of the main entrance of the building
  • District: Represents the district of the building
  • Secondary number: 4 numbers representing the accurate location coordinates
  • Postal code: 5 numbers, each digit has a significant location
  • City: The city where the National Address is located in


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