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Media and Marketing Growth in Saudi Arabia

18th Nov, 4 - 4:30 pm


The Saudi media and marketing sector has seen a huge spike in interest in the last 12 months. Cinema openings, a growing live events calendar including concerts and formula 1 racing, and a digitally connected population are driving the race for media companies to establish in the Kingdom. 


AstroLabs has extensive knowledge and experience in establishing media companies in Saudi Arabia with media making up our second largest client sector. We have established some of the world's largest media companies in Saudi alongside local home grown brands. 


Join our industry focused webinar to hear why Saudi Arabia is so interesting for media, marketing, and events companies. We’ll be covering an overview of the sector, recent business reforms, a snapshot of AstroLab’s media clients, and detail how you can take your business to Saudi Arabia. 

Secure your place by completing the form opposite and we’ll see you there!


  • Overview of Business in Saudi Arabia

  • The Media Industry in Saudi Arabia

  • AstroLabs Media Clients

  • How to Expand to Saudi Arabia

  • Q&A

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