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Setup in Saudi News:Weekly Roundups

Your weekly digest of industry insights, economic updates, and Saudi Vision 2030 progress


Saudi Round-Up: Financial Innovation and Regulation Driving the Diverse Economic Ecosystem

27 Feb 2024AstroLabs Team

We collate our Saudi Round-Up every week, providing a convenient way for you to stay up-to-date on exciting developments across the Kingdom. This week, Saudi continues to push toward achieving its goals in line with Vision 2030. Our highlights for this round-up are related to the third Saudi Capital Market Forum, held in Riyadh February 19-20, 2024.

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Saudi ExpansionEnergy

Saudi Round-Up: Attracting Foreign Investment and Inspiring Global Trade

20 Feb 2024AstroLabs Team

Our Saudi Round-Up brings you all the latest Saudi business news across sectors to keep you up-to-date with the country’s urban, digital, societal, and economic transformations. Today’s round-up showcases movement across multiple sectors that converges on the Kingdom’s ambitious objectives in line with Saudi Vision 2030.

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TourismInnovationGiga Projects

Saudi Round-Up: Tourism and E-Commerce at the Vanguard of Economic Excellence

13 Feb 2024AstroLabs Team

Our Saudi Round-Up selects and summarizes the top business news across the Kingdom so you can be up-to-date with the latest industry developments. This week’s round-up is dominated by the tourism sector, with its flagship projects demonstrating the Kingdom’s leadership and commitment to delivering economic diversification and achieving the country’s sustainability objectives.

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Saudi ExpansionAutomotiveTechnology

Saudi Round-Up: Increased Business Activity in Saudi Drives Economic Growth

7 Feb 2024AstroLabs Team

Our weekly round-up of business news across the Kingdom helps you stay up-to-date with the major movements in Saudi at a glance. This week’s round-up is dominated by positive results and predictions for the Saudi economy and exciting updates about the transformation of the technology sector, locally and internationally

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Saudi Round-Up: Resilience, Expansion, and Sustainability

23 Jan 2024AstroLabs Team

Our Saudi Round-Up series delivers you the top news stories across the Kingdom so you can stay abreast of the latest business activity in Saudi Arabia. This week’s round-up looks at Saudi resilience, expansion, and sustainability in the economy, esports and gaming, insurance, tourism, and transportation.

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Saudi Round-Up: Tourism and Manufacturing Leading Saudi’s Transformation

16 Jan 2024AstroLabs Team

This week’s round-up highlights how significant improvements in business, infrastructure, and economy are not only attracting investment but also establishing the Kingdom as a model for modern living and a successful, sustainable economic ecosystem.

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Saudi NewsInnovationTourism

Saudi Round Up: Health Insurance, E-commerce, and Tourism Leading Private Sector Toward Vision 2030

9 Jan 2024AstroLabs Team

Our Saudi Round-Up series looks at the top business news and deals throughout KSA to give you visibility on significant moves and developments throughout the region.

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Saudi NewsInnovationTourism

Saudi Round-Up: Maintaining Momentum for Continued Transformation

2 Jan 2024AstroLabs Team

Our Saudi Round-Up recaps major deals and business moves across sectors in Saudi Arabia. The first round-up of 2024 starts strong with record-breaking success in the Aviation and Tourism sectors, and a positive outlook for insurance, general business, and the economy.

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Saudi News

Saudi Round-Up: Eminence Through Excellence

19 Dec 2023AstroLabs Team

For the past six weeks, we’ve looked at the biggest business deals brokered in Saudi to give you a snapshot of the exciting activity across the Kingdom. In this round-up, we look at Vision 2030’s effect on the Saudi economy and how the Kingdom’s tourism initiatives continue to drive economic change.

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Saudi NewsInnovationCOP28

Saudi Round-Up: Collaboration for Global Transformation

13 Dec 2023AstroLabs Team

This week’s round-up encompasses the major movements in international agreements and the economy, aviation, fintech, travel & tourism, and sustainability, with a spotlight on Saudi’s leading role in the 28th meeting of the United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP28).

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