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How to Expand into Saudi Arabia

Find all the information and requirements you’ll need to expand your business into Saudi Arabia. There are 3 main stages to setting up a legal entity in Saudi including 16 steps to complete the full process. AstroLabs acts on your behalf to navigate this complex and time-consuming process, managing third parties and ensuring you are aligned with all requirements needed to help your company expand into the Kingdom quickly and seamlessly. 

Stage 1 :

Foundations of the Legal Entity

This stage is the prerequisite to any of the following stages. It provides your foreign company permission to own a business in Saudi Arabia, through the MISA investment license, and to gain legal registration of that business through Commercial Registration. 

Stage 1
Stage 2

In order for your legal entity to be authorized to hire people, there are certain steps that must be taken such as registration with the Ministry of Labor (MoL), and the General Organization of Social Insurance (GOSI). This stage would also allow your General Manager (GM) to have a one-time GM visa issued, allowing them to travel to KSA.

Stage 2 :

Authorization to Hire Staff

Stage 3

Stage 3 :

Acquiring Residency and Opening a Bank Account

This is the last stage of the process that will allow your General Manager to become a resident of Saudi Arabia. This includes all the required steps from completing a health check, acquiring health insurance, Muqeem registration, and the issuance of residency. Upon the completion of this stage, the GM can then start the process of opening a bank account for the company. 


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