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Setup in Saudi Journey: PMKConsult

We had the opportunity to speak with Mark Jamieson, the VP of KSA for PMK Consult and learn more about their journey into the Kingdom.

What inspired your move into the KSA market?

  • As a project and commercial management consultancy, our services are well placed to support the rapid development taking place in KSA. We are inspired by the 2030 vision for KSA’s development over the next 10 years with the unprecedented growth that is occurring and believe that we can make a positive impact.

What was the biggest challenge you saw when you took the decision to move?

  • Entering any new market always comes with challenges, every business must look to ensure compliance with the laws and regulations for the businesses wishing to operate within.

How did you approach the process for the move into Saudi?

  • We approached the process much like we approach navigating any regulatory framework. We were methodical, thorough, hands-on, and responsive. We also find the right partners to ensure a streamlined process and a successful outcome.

What advice would you give to a company that is looking to move into KSA?

  • Ensure that you have understood the obligations and requirements well, choose the right collaborators and be prepared to take an active role.

What is the most interesting aspect of doing business in KSA?

  • The diversity of projects and assignments that we can get involved in is really interesting. From mixed-use developments to commercial projects and assignments across many sectors, KSA is developing on all fronts, so it is a very unique time to be involved in this market. There is great opportunity to be a part of large scale and dynamic growth.

What was the impact of the move into KSA for the company?

  • We are getting positive feedback from our core market and industry clients and colleagues. We look forward to growing with a strong, but measured approach and making the most of our experience in KSA for the community within the country and ourselves as a responsible business.

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