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Setup in Saudi Journey: Command Recruitment

We sat down with Daniel Moussa, Head of Country for Command Recruitment to learn more about their journey into the Kingdom.

Tell us more about Command Recruitment?

Command Recruitment is a talent recruitment agency which has been operating since 2005. We’ve been working with clients and candidates across Asia Pacific region, Middle East, Europe and the Americas. Throughout this time period, we have successfully placed highly skilled and multilingual candidates from all around the globe.

What inspired your move into the KSA market?

We already had a client base and market presence in the Kingdom. We felt it was important to invest in the Kingdom and were working with many Saudi Nationals and Saudi Companies and we wanted to become more accessible and establish our physical presence in the region with an office. Hence we made the decision to relocate our Regional Headquarters to Saudi Arabia.

What was the biggest challenge you saw when you took the decision to move?

We found ourselves unfamiliar with the process to set up a business in Saudi which was seemingly the biggest hurdle for us. The process of the set in itself would have been a tiring one had we not had the support of the AstroLabs team, who are experienced in the field.

What advice would you give to a company that is looking to move into KSA?

I would say ‘Go for it’, it’s a flourishing market rich with opportunities. I would however suggest that you do thorough research before you make the decision. It is extremely important to know all the facts and figures and be prepared for the move. Something that worked in our favor and I would highly recommend to everyone is to work with professionals such as the likes of AstroLabs to make the process easier and ensure a smooth transition. Patience is key!

What is a major difference between the operations for a business in KSA to that elsewhere in the world?

In Saudi Arabia, you would need to be more aware of cultural sensitivities as compared to other parts of the world. You must be ready to embrace the local culture and respect it with the utmost importance and respect. It is imperative that you keep true to their culture and not bring foreign culture into the mix. Outside of the culture, the work week, working hours and Ramadan timings vary in the Kingdom to that elsewhere.

What is the goal for Command Recruitment in KSA in the near future?

This year we are looking to strengthen our position as a market leader be it recruitment advisory services, executive search or contingent recruitment. We are setting our sights at the 2030 vision. We have helped our clients exceed their Saudization targets and have been successful in attracting world class talent into one of the fastest growing and eye catching countries in the world.

At AstroLabs, we aim to throughly support new businesses entering the Saudi market to help them grow their business in the Kingdom. If you’d like to establish your 100% Foreign-owned Company in Saudi Arabia​, get in touch with us now at [email protected]

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